News | May 15, 2019

A2B Tracking Launches Improved Mobile RFID Asset Tracking App

Announcing The A2B RFID Tracker App

A2B Tracking announces that it has added an improved Android App for mobile RFID asset tracking to its already robust asset management software platform. The new A2B RFID Tracker App connects to the A2B Tracking Asset Management platform in the cloud for faster and more accurate asset management and tracking with the use of the latest RFID technology.

The new A2B Tracking app enables faster inventory cycle counts with greater accuracy. Users can easily and quickly perform floor-to-record inventories directly from the handheld device improving accuracy and accountability throughout the organization. Improved usability connects the A2B RFID Tracker to the Zebra RFD8500 reader with one click, making that Bluetooth connection between your Android smartphone and the RFID reader simple and easy. This app operates on any Android smartphone version 4.4 or greater.

The popular A2B Tracking Pro-Locate feature has also been upgraded with better usability and improved asset location detection. Pro-Locate searches for specific assets by interrogating an area with RF. This advanced proximity locator is able to visually represent on the mobile display the strength of the RFID signal to guide the user directly to the missing asset. As the user moves throughout the area, Pro-Locate searches for that specific asset showing the user when they get closer or farther away, until they hone-in on the exact location, usually within minutes if not seconds.

The new features for the A2B Tracking RFID App include inventory cycle counts, check-out with due back assignments, check-in, put away, Pro-Locate, commissioning, asset search and detailed record editing all from the mobile application. Empower your workforce with mobility coupled with RFID technology to achieve 100% inventory accuracy.

Source: A2B Tracking