News | May 20, 2008

AAID Security Solutions Provides Low Cost Stand Alone Access Control For Gates

AAID Security Solutions introduces their low cost AA-CX100-R and AA-CX100-S Stand Alone Access Controllers for slide, swing, and parking gates as well as building entrance doors.

AAID's AA-CX100-R controller is designed to store 1,600 random Wiegand card numbers and the AA-CX100-S can store 10,000 card users. This allows for individual cards to be validated or voided when necessary by using on-board push buttons and a LCD screen. Access cards or tags may be programmed into the AA-CX100 controllers for any Wiegand or Clock Data type of readers, including AAID's Ultra Long Range RFID readers.

About AAID Security Solutions
AAID Security Solutions is headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia and is an OEM Manufacturer and Distributor of Ultra Long Range RFID readers and tags for vehicle identification and gate control; asset loss prevention and real-time inventory monitoring; employee access control, visitor tracking, emergency evacuation and mustering applications.

SOURCE: AAID Security Solutions