News | March 9, 2023

ActionIQ Introduces Profile API For Real-Time Personalization, Connecting The Data Warehouse To The Customer Experience

New Profile API follows a flurry of recent real-time capabilities released by the industry-leading composable CDP provider including data collection, identity resolution, decisioning, and activation.

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - ActionIQ, the leading composable CDP, today announced the general availability of ActionIQ Profile API, allowing enterprises to enrich business applications with customer intelligence from a data warehouse within milliseconds to power real-time personalization.

With the addition of ActionIQ Profile API, ActionIQ has expanded its Real-Time Customer Experience (RTCX) module of its composable CDP, ActionIQ CX Hub, to power every interaction at scale with access to both real-time and historical data. Coupled with HybridCompute, ActionIQ empowers data and business leaders, for the first time in the industry, to create and deliver real-time personalized customer experiences based on the entire customer profile, directly on top of data warehouses.

ActionIQ has over a dozen enterprise customers already live on their new Profile API, powering real-time experiences.

Unlike traditional Reverse-ETL and CDP alternatives, ActionIQ Profile API rounds out a fully-functional real-time personalization solution for data teams and marketers – from collecting digital events in real time, to leveraging the data warehouse to power real-time decisioning within milliseconds, to orchestrating real-time experiences across all channels within a no-code interface. Profile API helps brands to acquire new customers at lower costs, and increase loyalty, retention and customer lifetime value, thus driving revenues up, while keeping operational costs down.

The comprehensive ActionIQ RTCX Module now includes the following key components:

  • ActionIQ Tag - natively integrated, collect and unify real-time customer events, while also increasing addressability via identity syncing capabilities with walled gardens, demand-side platforms (DSP)s and identity providers
  • ActionIQ Profile API (new) - power real-time inbound decisioning use cases with the identities, attributes and audience membership accessible in milliseconds, feeding web personalization and call center support for in-the-moment decisioning
  • ActionIQ Triggers - drive real-time outbound experiences across any channels, informed with event data and historical customer profiles, such as converting high-intent customers who abandon a brand's website before completing their purchase

"Customer experience has the power to turn a customer into a brand loyalist or turn them away - and the key to success is personalization, and personalization in real time," said Justin DeBrabant, Senior Vice President of Product at ActionIQ. "We first launched our industry-first fully integrated Real-Time CX solution in 2021, and now with the release of Profile API, brands can make sound decision in real time based on the full spectrum of rich first-party customer data directly from where data lives, completing data warehouse investments with comprehensive real-time capabilities to drive unprecedented personalization at scale."

The ActionIQ CX Hub pulls together fragmented customer insights and puts impactful CX in motion. It's a collection of powerful and fully configurable modular solutions that gives all enterprise teams direct but controlled self-service access to customer data to create audiences and orchestrate customer experiences at scale. RTCX is one of the five modular solutions that comprise the ActionIQ CX Hub, which also includes Customer Data Platform (CDP), Identity, Audience Center and Journey Management. The CX Hub flexibly integrates with any data source or channel, and can directly integrate and complete your data warehousing investments.

More information about the ActionIQ Profile API and RTCX module of the ActionIQ CX Hub can be found here.

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