News | December 27, 2015

Complete Redesign Of WinSQL Universal Database Management Tool Offers Outstanding Features At Low Price Point

Version 10.0 of Synametrics Technologies Tool Adds Easy ER Diagramming, Enhanced Dynamic Executables, Auto Save, Improved Data Migration Capabilities and Easy Printing To Popular Database Management Tool

Synametrics Technologies, a New Jersey-based solutions provider for IT professionals and computer systems developers, has introduced a complete redesign of WinSQL, its powerful universal database management tool, which is used by 90 percent of Fortune 1000 companies and more than a million programmers and DBAs around the globe. WinSQL is a generic querying tool that connects to any relational database (RDBMS) for which an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver is available -- virtually all RDBMS on the market today.

The new, intuitive WinSQL offers a user-friendly working environment for exploring database contents, importing and exporting data, performing schema comparisons and running queries. The integrated query editor features syntax highlighting, auto completion capabilities, comment insertion and code indentation, all working together to facilitate the creation of complex queries. Queries can also be imported from Excel or text files, and result data can be migrated to an external database or saved as an HTML document. Its compatibility range includes MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, DB2 and more.

Previously available for only 32-bit drivers, WinSQL now provides users with the choice of using either 32- or 64 bit drivers. Additional enhancements include the ability to auto-save sessions, a feature that not only saves queries, but also saves result grids and error messages. Other improvements include entity relationship (E/R) diagrams that are part of the catalog and easier to access than ever before, enhanced dynamic executables,  excellent data migration capabilities, and easy-to-use, enhanced printing capabilities.

Version 10.0 is 100% Unicode compatible, allowing users to use non-English characters in their queries and results. It has a new and improved interface that allows users to easily access opened connections, and provides more room for writing queries than previous versions. Additional enhancements provide users with the ability to start working immediately after establishing a connection and to optionally fetch database catalog using a secondary thread.

Since its original launch in 1997, WinSQL has won market share for its ease of use, comprehensiveness and compatibility with other databases. Among the major companies utilizing WinSQL are Walmart, Bank of America, Pfizer and Mercedes Benz. There is a free Lite edition, as well as a Developer edition and a Professional edition that are priced significantly lower than other comparable systems on the market.

About Synametrics Technologies
Headquartered in Plainsboro, NJ, Synametrics Technologies has provided IT professionals and computer systems for developers since 1997. Based on the success of its initial product offerings (WinSQL and DeltaCopy), the company continues to create and hone innovative products that help its customers get more from their computer applications, databases and infrastructure.  To date, over one million users around the world have chosen Synametrics solutions to help power their accelerated business or personal computing needs.

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