News | December 19, 2019

Creality 3D Unveils Its Entry-Level Resin 3D Printer - LD-002R

Shenzhen, China /PRNewswire/ - Creality 3D will launch its entry level resin 3D printer, the LD-002R, on December 19th.

"As one of the leading consumer 3D printer brands, Creality 3D has dedicated to providing all types of consumer 3D printers. After the popularity of Ender-3 and CR-10 FDM 3D printers and long-term research accumulation in resin 3D printers, Creality is ready to initiate a new challenge. The latest LD-002R is believed to generate some serious buzz across the community for good reasons inherent to itself," said George Deng, the R&D Engineer from Creality 3D.

3D printer users have been dreaming of two printers: the FDM 3D printer for making large projects, and the LCD 3D printer for delivering delicately and precise objects.

Creality 3D will be releasing its entry-level resin 3D printer LD-002R on December 19th, aiming to create a craze for resin 3D printers due to its ease of operation and economic price.

User-friendly Operation
With a pull-out cover, LD-002R can be easily assembled, allowing users with no experience to start printing in 5 minutes. Based on its predecessor LD-002, LD-002R revolutionizes its appearance with an oblique 3.5in color touch screen. Better yet, it utilizes ChiTuBox slicer fast slicing 30Mb STL model files within 1 minute. ChiTuBox allows hollowing out a model before slicing which could save resin dramatically during the photocuring process. With the combination of ChiTuBox, users can also enjoy the function of automatically and manually adding support structures to objects, letting go of problems caused by suction or weak support. Moreover, the inconvenience of resin vat cleaning is now gone, with the LD-002R it can be done by unscrewing two adjustable nuts on each side of the vat and removing the FEP release film. For users, it is a further enhancement to protect the print screen and prolong the service life of the machine.

High Precision
Featuring a 2K solid-state display system of 2560x1600 pixels for its masking of the UV light source, it is truly capable of providing 10 times higher precision than FDM 3D printers. LD-002R adopts a much sturdier frame structure with a new ball-type linear module, which is helpful for Z-axis stability, ensuring accurate position during the printing process. To further improve the print quality, the machine supports 4X/8X anti-aliasing that can reduce staircase aesthetic effects on prints, delivering more detailed models.

Comfy Printing Environment
Compared to FDM 3D printers, resin 3D printers cause some discomfort due to the unpleasant odor coming from photosensitive resin. One highlight to boost the new LD-002R is the safe air purification system in form of convection airstream and activated carbon filter, effectively eliminating the odor from photosensitive resin. Additionally, with the implementation of Wi-Fi connection, users can monitor the printing process remotely from the computer or even mobile phone.

LD-002R is ready to start printing right out of the box, offering higher quality final prints in a comfy printing environment. Alongside the release of new LD-002R, the company's commitment to being a 3D printing industry evangelist is further solidified, providing more people affordable additive manufacturing solutions.

CREALITY 3D has accumulated more than 5 years of experience in 3D printer research, production, and trading since its establishment in 2014. Our factory is certificated with BSCI and ISO, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, achieving an annual production capacity of over 500,000 pieces. Consisting of professional researchers and skilled engineers, our R&D team has been constantly striving for quality and excellence. Our products, all certified CE, FCC, ROHS, have exported to more than 100 countries including but not limited to France, USA, Australia, Russia, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, and India, bringing convenience to all walks of life.

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