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Elyctis Readers Are Instrumental In Checking e-ID Documents Making The European Covid Green Pass More Secure

In order to fight the significant fraud related to Covid QR codes, the Dutch government requires that whenever a Covid Green Pass is read, one verifies the identity of its holder; this has led ScanID to develop a solution using an Elyctis ID reader to read customers’ ID at the same time as the European Green Pass or national versions are read, thus significantly increasing the level of confidence in the Covid Pass verification.

Pertuis (PRWEB) - The European Covid Green Pass has become the sesame of many events in our lives. It is now required in most European countries to gain access to public transport, restaurants, bars, cinemas, stadiums, or even whole areas in certain cities. However, in most cases, the Green Pass is read offline without an ID verification, which opens the way to many fraud attempts. For instance, people use a QR-code screenshot or simply use the QR-code of another person.

To fight this issue, the Dutch government has decided that it is now mandatory to check the identity of the Green Pass owner whenever it is used. ScanID, a Dutch systems integrator and long-term partner of Elyctis, has built a solution that uses an Elyctis ID BOX One 121 to read the identity of each Green Pass holder. The application is able to support all types of IDs, including, of course, Dutch national ID cards and driving licenses, as well as ePassports and many other European e-ID documents. The Elyctis ID BOX One reads the MRZ from the document and uses its contents to access the biographic data from the chip: first and last name, month and year of birth, gender and nationality. At the same time, a reader accesses the data from the QR-code presented by the user, verifies its certificate and collects the same data. Access is only granted if the QR-code allows so and data match between the e-ID document and the Green Pass.

Besides the European standard Green Pass, ScanID application is able to read national Covid passes issued by the health authorities in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Also, as some QR-codes are known to be counterfeited, the application checks the reading against a blacklist before allowing access to customers. As a Green Pass only has a limited validity in time, the application checks if the dates of vaccination, test or recovery certificate are compliant with official regulations.

The system is used in a wide set of circumstances. In some cases, the restaurants, bars and other venues directly check the Covid Pass and the identity of customers, in other contexts such as markets, a single access point is set up where the Covid Pass and the identity of people are verified before they are issued a wristband they can use to access various establishments.

Alexandre Joly, Elyctis CEO, declares: “Checking offline a barcode without ID verification is an incredibly light approach from the European authorities. We are happy to collaborate with ScanID to bring a better security in this verification for the health of all European citizens.”

Martijn van Ark, ScanID R&D Tech Lead, adds: “With the combination of Elyctis ID BOX One readers and our application, we are proud to say we are making access to various venues in the Netherlands safer and easier.”

About Elyctis
Created in 2008, Elyctis mission is to supply system integrators with mobile and fixed solutions to access data of eIDs (NIC, passport, resident permits, driving license). The company specializes in the development, industrialization, production and marketing of readers and software dedicated to Secure Identity Documents (e-passport, e-ID card, e-driver license,..). The company, which now employs 20 people, has a longstanding expertise in eID projects, as well as hardware and software developments, especially in the combination of optics, antenna design, high security software and integration. Elyctis sells its products through its network of distributors and systems integrators, to whom it provides a development environment to facilitate the use of its readers. Elyctis is headquartered in Pertuis, France, and has sales offices in Hong Kong and Bangalore.

Alexandre Joly, Elyctis founder and CEO is a laureate of Reseau Entreprendre in 2011, and a laureate of the Reseau Entreprendre Ambition program in 2016.

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