News | December 19, 2017

FETC 2018: CodeReadr Keeps Track Of It All From Assets To Attendance

CodeReadr’s Advanced Barcode Scanning and Data Collection App Can Help You Keep Track Of Everything In Your School, From Assets To Attendance

Barcode scanning is a fundamental part of most asset protection systems. Factories, libraries, laboratories, schools and any other kind of business or industry with lots of assets to manage, employ barcode scanning to simplify, organize and speed up inventory tracking processes. We recently reported on a smart glove that integrates barcode technology for factories and logistics.

CodeReadr has developed an Auto Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) barcode scanning app. Their app, puts the power of barcode scanning into any smartphone making it ideal for schools where every teacher, faculty member and administrator is already carrying smartphone. This makes it ideal for asset protection in schools. As a teacher, faculty member, administrator or student signs out a piece of property it can be easily tracked from location to location eliminating loss which costs school district’s millions of dollars a year.

The CodeReadr app allows anyone with a smartphone to record barcode scans on their device that can be sent directly to the cloud. If you don’t have access to the internet CodeReadr records the barcode scans directly on your smartphone. Barcode scans can be validated locally on your smartphone or in the cloud against your database.  Users can even add items to the database via their smartphone. This makes CodeReadr one of the most robust and easy to use barcode scanning solutions available.

Everything from library books to computers, AV equipment to boxes of paper can be tracked with a barcode on your school’s campus.

In the words of the late great Billy Mays, “But Wait There’s More”.

CodeReadr can even be used to track our school’s most valuable asset, students, teachers and faculty. ID123 is a digital ID card app for schools that allows students, teachers and faculty to store a digital school ID on their smartphone equipped with a barcode. The barcodes on ID123’s digital IDs can be scanned using a 2D barcode scanner or a barcode scanner app, like CodeReadr.

School’s create a database of digital IDs and barcode identifiers and as students enter the school building they can be scanned in. As they leave the building, they can be scanned out. Since CodeReader is available on any smartphone, whether it be a personal device or a school owned device, teachers can scan students in and out of classrooms and even know when students are in the hallways.

CodeReadr can be set up in a kiosk mode for unmanned scanning which means it’s easy to use a digital ID and CodeReadr to track attendance, control access, track activities and track a students whereabouts from point a to point b. It’s also ideal to track visitors, maintenance crews, and employees coming from other schools or the district office.

See the future of barcode scanning, asset protection and attendance tracking. Visit CodeReadr at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #2310 and online at

SOURCE: CodeReadr