News | March 9, 2020

ICI Releases 3rd Generation Of Its Patented State-Of-The-Art IR-Pad 640P Inspection And Reporting System For Handheld Infrared Applications, Merges 8640P With Microsoft Surface Pro

Beaumont, TX /PRNewswire/ - Infrared Cameras Incorporated (ICI), a long-time player in the thermal and infrared camera industry, is releasing the 3rd generation of its integrated long wave infrared camera and tablet system, the IR-Pad 640P. The all-in-one system allows for complete inspection and reporting using a single device. This versatility along with its extreme light weight makes the IR-Pad 640P the most innovative product of its kind. Devices are made to order in the USA.

At the heart of the IR-Pad 640P is ICI's patented and award-winning 8640P infrared camera, offering unmatched image quality and radiometric accuracy in a device measuring less than 5 cubic inches. Data is streamed in real-time to the integrated tablet making it the most powerful IR imaging and diagnostic tool on the market. Both seasoned and amateur inspectors can export images and videos to create various types of mosaics for an array of applications. Several optics and a wide range of calibrations are available.

It is ICI's long-term goal to increase the productivity of thermographers around the world. To that end, the IR-Pad 640P is a one-stop-shop device for capturing, managing, and analyzing images. It is shipped with the most up-to-date version of ICI's IR-Flash Pro software pre-installed; the program features a brand-new GUI and touchscreen interface which allows users to generate and save PDF reports to be e-mailed or printed. Users can create annotations and convert speech to text using built-in technology or use the detachable keyboard for even faster report generation.

ICI's IR-Pad 640P incorporates a fully functioning Microsoft Surface Pro with auto-brightness adjustment for readability under all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. An ultra-rugged hard shell means users have a powerful, lightweight solution with protection indoors and out.

With the IR-Pad 640P, the days of taking IR images with one device, transferring the IR images to another, analyzing the IR images in one program, and finally writing IR reports in another are gone! Welcome to the future of infrared where project completion time is cut in half and productivity is significantly improved. Windows and Linux software, drivers and SDKs are available for any and all custom applications.

Key Features

  • Unparalleled image resolution
  • Widescreen viewing
  • Rugged tablet protection
  • IR Flash Pro software
  • Bluetooth
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

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