News | January 17, 2023

Innodata Selected By Leading Cloud Platform To Provide Large-Scale Data Collection For AI Computer Vision Initiative

Innodata Inc., a leading data engineering company, today announced it has been selected by a leading cloud infrastructure and platform services company to provide large-scale data collection for a new AI computer vision initiative.

"In this latest win, Innodata will be responsible for collecting training data that is large-scale, high-quality and diverse," said Jack Abuhoff, Innodata Chief Executive Officer. "These are three key criteria for ensuring that AI performs well with real-world data."

Innodata anticipates the win will yield approximately $1M of revenue.

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that enables machines to take actions or make recommendations based on analysis of often real-time digital images and video captured by on-device cameras and sensors. AI algorithms, trained with the right data, can analyze thousands of products or processes in seconds, noticing barely perceptible defects, surpassing capabilities of humans. Computer vision can be applied to a large number of industries, ranging from software, energy, medicine, utilities, and automotive.

A recent research study estimated that the global computer vision AI market is expected to grow from $9.04B in 2021 to $95.08B by 2027, a CAGR of 46.9% during the forecast period.1

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Source: Innodata Inc.