News | February 11, 2021

Innserve Boosts Productivity And Cuts Costs With Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Rugged Tablets

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and the SOTI ONE Platform improve productivity and reduces costs and complexity for Innserve, the UK’s leading independent national drinks dispense business

Innserve, specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of beer and soft drinks dispense systems, has rolled out Panasonic TOUGHBOOK L1 Android tablets to its 400 dispense technicians across the UK, powered by the SOTI ONE Platform. A video detailing the story can be found here

The rollout of the lightweight rugged Android devices has improved productivity and reduced the cost and complexity of mobile computing for Innserve, which services 75,000 licensed premises across Great Britain. The company chose the devices for their rugged and ergonomic design, alongside Panasonic’s support for the latest Android operating systems and its comprehensive service and maintenance offering.

Using the device, Innserve technicians receive their daily schedule of appointments, plan their journeys and record information about each job, with each tablet automatically synchronised with the central systems every 15 minutes. In addition, the TOUGHBOOK L1 tablet is used to place orders for and to return parts, as well as for email communications, to provide access to HR systems and payment information. For managing equipment returns, Innserve’s technicians benefit from the flexibility of the camera on the new TOUGHBOOK L1 devices, used to scan a variety of QR and barcodes, which replaces the barcode module attached to their older devices.

Innserve received the Panasonic devices pre-configured, asset tagged and registered into SOTI MobiControl for staging and ongoing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Once the devices are in the hands of the technicians, the IT team simply supply the serial number of the device and it is activated for operation.

“This is very much a hands-on device for our technicians,” explained Drew Wilcox, Systems Support Manager at Innserve. “Technicians have to input a lot of data, often in wet and difficult environments. The TOUGHBOOK L1 is easy to use and read, and there is a big uplift in battery life. Technicians appreciate the finer design details like the hand strap and stylus and the device is lightweight and easy to carry.”

Source: Panasonic