News | May 27, 2019

Kathrein's RAIN RFID Can Identify Vehicles At 220 km/h With Full 128 Bit AES Encryption

The world is getting smarter and IoT is on the advance. The automatic detection of vehicles with RAIN RFID is no exception. Whether it is Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) or Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), every application requires highly accurate identification at the highest speed. Last but not least, the communication between a reader and a transponder as well as between a reader and a back-end system requires the highest level of security.

In order to meet all these market requirements, Kathrein Solutions is constantly further improving its product portfolio. In cooperation with TÖNNJES, the world leader in secure vehicle identification, and NXP Semiconductors, the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, we were able to develop an end-to-end high-security solution for optimal detection of vehicles in Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF). Vehicles are equipped with a front and rear license plate (IDePLATE), as well as a windscreen transponder (IDeSTIX) which functions as a “third license plate”. Motorcycles have a rear license plate and a headlamp tag (IDeSTIX HLT). All transponders feature a UCODE DNA IC from NXP with 128-bit AES encryption technology.

The vehicles can be identified by authorized readers, which are mounted overhead in a gantry or on a tolling plaza. Their identity is reliably authenticated via a secure end-to-end solution composed of secure tags, secure readers and the secure backend. If a vehicle has illegal number plates or the license plate data doesn’t match the information contained on the sticker, readers will raise an alarm. This creates maximum security. It is almost impossible to misuse the windshield label or a headlamp tag because it self-destructs when removed from the windscreen. Special holographic features guarantee optical protection against forgery.

Contactless GS1 UHF RFID Gen2 v2.0 provides long-range identification and cutting-edge cryptographic security implementation for tag authentication which also work at the highest speed of more than 200 km/h. This allows our customers and partners all over the world to use an established, smart, secure and efficient solution.

Kathrein's RFID identification systems, including Outdoor RFID IoT readers, CrossTalk IoT suite, and windshield labels, have a number of applications, including intelligent parking solutions that allow customers to access facilities easily and seamlessly.

Source: Kathrein Solutions