Label Management Made Easy

Source: TEKLYNX International
AIAG Compliance Labeling System Increases Productivity While Reducing Costs

Valeo Corporation, located in Rochester, NY, manufactures windshield wiper systems and electrical motors that control a vehicle's door locks, windows, seats, and antenna. From its 1.7 million square foot facility, Valeo supplies auto plants around the world to General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Mazda, and more.

While implementing a new warehouse management system, Valeo had to address the complex AIAG compliance labeling requests of its worldwide customers without significantly affecting the Unix-based warehousing software. Valeo turned to Michael Shacket of Corner Office Consulting, Inc., a Rochester-based software integrator for help. He recommended a middleware interface to the warehousing system and LABELVIEW™ software from Teklynx International. The middleware, incorporating LABELVIEW, cut programming time in half while productivity doubled.

Another outstanding benefit of the middleware is Valeo's ability to immediately respond to customer changes in label designs. A common occurrence, label design changes are now handled easily and quickly. In fact, the user-friendly middleware, with LABELVIEW, readily allows non-technical personnel to make label format changes. This capability keeps costs down by not affecting the warehousing system.

An equally important benefit has been the reliability of the middleware and LABELVIEW software. Fifty-two label formats can be sent to more than 100 printers located throughout the plant with some installed on forklifts using RF connectivity. More than 60,000 labels are being printed each week without problems.

Statistical reports generated from this labeling system enable Valeo IS management to better maintain label stock inventory, schedule preventative printer maintenance, and improve printer distribution throughout the plant.