Datasheet | January 5, 2012

Datasheet: MDI2300 Autofocus, 2D CMOS OEM Scan Engine

Source: Opticon, Inc.

The Opticon MDI2300 is a 2D CMOS imager barcode scan engine built around Opticon’s innovative auto-focus technology. This tiny yet powerful scan engine is ideal for mobile, medical and kiosk devices. The auto-focus technology enables the engine to quickly and efficiently scan 1D or 2D barcode images: the real-time adapting liquid lens self-adjusts for distance and angle. It even reads from LCD screens!

This small form factor scan engine decodes images at a blazing 80 FPS. It's one of the fastest scan engines available. The MDI2300 is perfect for OEMs who want to differentiate their glucose meters, gaming and retail kiosks and more with fast, easy-to-use scanning capability.

  • Blazing fast decode speed of 80 FPS
  • Features Class 1 laser for easy targeting of image to be scanned
  • Auto-contrast control enables high-resolution image capture
  • Adjustable illumination making it easy to scan any surface
  • Ships with image-capture application software – enables OEMs to understand how to use the engine for image capture – including digital signature capture
  • Small form factor scan engine – CMOS camera dimensions are 27.3 x 14.2 x 13.4 millimeters/1.1 x 0.56 x 0.53 inches while PCB decoder dimensions are 18.5 x 4.8 x 03.3 millimeters/0.73 x 0.19 x 1.19 inches. An extended 50 millimeter/1.97 inch FPC cable connects the two pieces.
  • An Engineering Kit - available separately - allows OEMs to test and configure the MDI2300 scanner settings via a PC COM port
  • Supports either USB or RS232 interfaces
  • Two-year warranty


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