News | March 5, 2020

Mobiltex Introduces Next Generation CorTalk And IoT Based Interrupter Devices, Expands Industry Leading Portfolio Of Corrosion Monitoring Solutions

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) - Mobiltex today launched the fourth generation of its CorTalk RMU1 remote monitoring technology and unveiled a powerful, new IoT-based CorTalk interruptible device – INT1– designed to simplify data gathering and to protect critical infrastructure assets from corrosion.

Together these IoT devices will enable utilities and pipeline operators to remotely perform interruption, obtain cathodic protection (CP) measurement data and dramatically reduce travel to remote locations to perform manual inspections and to conduct measurements of CP systems. Savings could be most significant for CP operators with critical bonds, which require measurements to be taken up to six times per year.

The compact RMU1 G4 device adds two-way communication to enhance its robust CP remote monitoring capabilities of coupons, test points and structure bond applications. This new feature also enables the RMU1 to receive commands and to control the new INT1 device for GPS-synchronized interruption.

“The enhanced RMU1 and new INT1 are game changing devices to help reduce operational costs with cloud-based monitoring and control of CP systems. For the first time, field technicians can easily combine remote monitoring of CP systems and interruption of bonds and anodes into a compact, powerful package that fits entirely within a test point station,” said Marc Bracken, Mobiltex CEO. “These latest advancements will enable Mobiltex to continue its rapid growth with best-in-class devices that provide our clients with superior reliability, ease of installation and increased operational efficiency.”

Both the RMU1 and INT1 can be installed into a CP test station within minutes and are powered by a long-life battery that provides up to 10 years of continuous operation. The INT1 interrupter accessory can be added at any time and is quickly connected to the RMU1 with a single cable. Once connected, the INT1 automatically pairs with the RMU1 and can remain permanently installed, eliminating the need for technicians to install portable interrupters or to physically break bonds between pipelines and structures to take off-potential readings.

Technicians can easily access the RMU1 and INT1 devices from any web-enabled device, such as a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, to configure the interruption process, view performance data and generate reports.

When not performing interruption, RMU1 devices reliably transmit CP performance data as frequently as every few hours via satellite or cellular network to the Mobiltex CorView analytics platform. If the CP system experiences an outage or measurements are not within a set range of parameters, the RMU1 triggers a notification to the operators.

This regular data collection can also help operators identify short-lived events that may impact CP performance, such as power load transfers or faults. These intermittent issues are often not identified through annual or semi-annual site inspections and can leave pipelines vulnerable to corrosion.

Visit Mobiltex Booth #721 at NACE Corrosion Conference and Expo 2020 to experience the new RMU1 remote monitoring device and INT1 interrupter.

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