News | August 17, 2008

New Multifrequency HF/LF Industrial Handheld Computer For Successful RFID Projects


The RFID expert company TECTUS expands their RFID handheld reader portfolio and reacts with it on many customer requests for a Multifrequency RFID Handheld computer.

Nearly all employees of industrial enterprises use daily RFID based staff badges for access entry, time attendance and payment in the canteen. The staff badges in cheque card format carry most times HF (13,56 MHz) technology according to ISO-Standard 14443 or 15693 and can also be used for people identification with RFID based handheld computers to solve logistic processes or maintenance and repair tasks. In such kind of supply chain and maintenance processes often low frequency LF RFID transponders are in successful use. The operating staff scan the LF transponders (and also barcodes) affixed on objects by means of handheld computers. The additional scanning of HF staff badges was until now not possible due to lack of availability of multifrequency handhelds.

Companies had to buy additional new LF key fobs or LF staff badges to solve the issue. Now the companies can save this additional cost by using the new multifrequency HF/LF industrial handheld computer from TECTUS. The money saved could be spent in other areas. The additional big advantage of the new multi- RFID handheld is that objects which are tagged on one hand with LF and on the other hand with HF transponders can now be identified with only one and the same RFID handheld computer. Big benefit is also that the operating staff doesn't have to operate and carry different types of handhelds. The availability of the multi- handheld makes live and work flow much easier.

The RFID experts from TECTUS supply the multi-handheld computer out of the TPP-70 and TPP-80 series with integrated RFID readers (optional also with additional barcode scanner) and a Windows CE based standard software. For applications where transponders are mounted in hard to reach areas external stick antennas are available on request. Customer specific software solutions and adaptations are also possible on request.

TECTUS Transponder Technology GmbH
TECTUS Transponder Technology GmbH located in Moers, Germany) is the leading innovative RFID system component manufacturer and supplier of readers and transponders (TAGs) and specialised expert company for applications in industry & logistics, ATEX, security & access, and animal identification.

SOURCE: TECTUS Transponder Technology GmbH