News | November 10, 2020

New V275 Series From Omron Improves Label Compliance And Quality Monitoring

Industry-leading automation solutions pioneer Omron Automation Americas recently released a new system for inspecting and verifying labels and barcodes to improve compliance in medical device manufacturing, automotive labeling, food and beverage secondary and tertiary package labeling, and other applications requiring comprehensive label quality monitoring.

Hoffman Estates, IL (PRWEB) - Omron Automation Americas, a global leader in end-to-end automation solutions for manufacturing and other industries, recently launched its V275 Series printer-integrated label inspection and barcode verification system to help manufacturers in life science, food and beverage, automotive and consumer packaged goods industries more efficiently monitor their product and packaging labels. These industries have a strong traceability need to ensure that labels show the right content, are clearly legible, and contain barcodes that meet mandated quality standards.

The V275 is able to grade 1D and 2D barcodes at normal printing speeds to ISO 15415, ISO 15416, and GS1 standards while also inspecting human-readable content for accuracy and print quality using optical character recognition (OCR), optical character verification (OCV) and blemish detection tools. Logic in the V275 software allows for automated inspection of barcode content to expected values and data formats for both the machine-readable and human-readable information on each label. In the event of a label quality error, the system automatically stops the printer and alerts the operator via an output to a light tower.

Since thermal desktop printers are most commonly used for label printing, Omron has built upon the strengths of its popular LVS-7510 printer-integrated label inspection system to offer the most tightly integrated and capable label inspection solution on the market. The V275 includes a high-resolution line scan camera and printer controls built into a Zebra ZT600 Series high-performance thermal printer. The web-based user interface runs on Ethernet-based communications from the V275 to the customer’s PC or server and offers label inspection template design, real-time label quality monitoring, template and inspection results data archiving.

Key features and benefits of the V275 include the following:

  • Forms a complete solution for the real-time inspection of thousands of labels per day
  • Supports compliance with GS1 requirements for barcode quality to ISO 15415/15416 standards and GS1 General Specifications certified to ISO 15426 verifier requirements
  • Uses Ethernet-based communication between the inspection system and the PC or server
  • Reduces the risk of incorrect and poor-quality labels entering the supply chain, negatively impacting product quality and forcing returns and/or recalls
  • Provides a highly visual, web-based UI for configuration, runtime label view, data archiving, user management, and audit trail (locally or remotely)
  • Supports continuous label printing, single label tear-off, and peel and present
  • Offers advanced label inspection design tools for grading labels to ISO standards as well as blemish detection for symbols, logos and other content
  • Provides an API for integration of inspection information into other software applications
  • Makes it possible to network multiple printers into a single PC or server

Industry professionals seeking to learn more about how the V275 can make label inspection more efficient and help improve traceability are encouraged to visit the product page on the Omron website by clicking here.

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