News | January 23, 2019

NFCKill Releases The World's Only RFID Fuzzing Tool

Securely disable RFID badges, test RFID hardware and audit access control with a pocket-sized device.

Hong Kong (PRWEB) - NFCKill has created the world's first RFID "fuzzing" tool, a device used for secure destruction of RFID tags, penetration testing, lock failure mode testing, and general RFID research.

The NFCKill is designed to meet the requirements of multiple industries: notably government, law-enforcement, penetration testing and data-destruction companies.

When used against RFID cards of any type, the NFCKill instantly and securely destroys the RFID tag and its contents. While cutting or even shredding RFID tags do not destroy the data. The NFCKill is the only device that can provide guaranteed compliance with data-destruction laws, including the European GDPR.

The NFCKill can be used to disable or induce 'glitches' in RFID Access control systems - allowing security professionals, penetration testers and hardware manufacturers to audit the security of installed systems and protocols.

Likewise, this powerful tool can also be used to audit "failure states" in the RFID system. The vast majority of Fire & Safety codes mandate free passage in the case of fire or emergency situations, but until now, provoking these failure states has been impossible. NFCKill can be used to disable RFID Access Control Systems, to audit failure states.

Available in two models, Professional and Standard, the NFCKill is the single most powerful tool available to test and audit RFID Access Control Systems and securely erase and disable RFID badges.

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The Professional model allows for hand-free, continuous discharging and is designed for law enforcement and penetration testers. The Standard edition uses manually triggered single discharge that is perfect for smaller volume users.

About The Company: NFCKill is a Hong Kong-based company that has spent over 3 years designing and developing the first RFID neutralizing device in the world. After 18 months of development and testing the NFCKill allows assists governments, industry and companies comply with data-destruction laws, test RFID hardware auditing and audit safety systems.

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