News | November 8, 2023

Omron Launches V460 Handheld Barcode Reader With Intelligent Lighting For Reading Of Difficult Direct Part Marks And Labels

The new Omron handheld barcode reader provides an intelligent out-of-box reading experience to decode direct part marks and labels of a variety of sizes and distance, while seamlessly communicating to the most common PLC platforms.

Hoffman Estates, IL /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Leading automation solution provider, Omron Automation, launches its latest innovation for barcode reading technology for manufacturers in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, life sciences, and logistics. This advanced barcode reader sets a new standard in reading all types of barcodes, including small labels and direct part marks on difficult surfaces.

Most industrial handheld barcode readers lack the ability to automatically adjust settings to instantly read different types of barcodes at different distances. Users often need multiple readers and complicated reprogramming to do this. With the V460 there is no need to purchase multiple units. The barcode reader comes native with a predictive autofocus feature, allowing it to automatically adjust to different sizes, surfaces, and types of barcodes.

Specialized lighting and algorithms are often required to read direct part marks on challenging surfaces. The V460 is equipped with patented intelligent lighting that allows the user to read any type of barcode with the automatic selection of high powered, multi-axis, multi-colored lighting. This feature enables the barcode reader to automatically select the most suitable type and color of lighting to the type of barcode that is presented.

Most handheld barcode readers require costly and complex traceability setup. The V460 offers a built-in Power over Ethernet port, a single Ethernet cable connection for power and communication and fieldbus connectivity. Users save time and integration cost with its simple connectivity and pre-built function blocks for the Ethernet & Fieldbus communications.
This rugged handheld is designed for long life in industrial situations. It is built to withstand the harsh treatment of the manufacturing environment. Its durability reduces hardware maintenance and replacement costs.
Industrial professionals can learn more about the new Omron handheld barcode reader here.

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