News | May 15, 2019

Operative IQ Is Making RFID Automation Affordable And Accessible To First Responders

Making the technology of tomorrow budget friendly today, Operative IQ releases a new line of RFID inventory, asset and narcotics tracking products making end-to-end operations management fast and easy.

Austell, GA (PRWEB) - In this new product line, departments can track inventory, assets and narcotics automatically. Operative IQ RFID Solutions provides three options: mobile RFID inventory & asset management, fixed RFID monitoring and a RFID narcotics safe/refrigerator for real-time audit of controlled substances.

Fixed RFID readers are the best option for live, real-time updates. The fixed RFID reader and RFID antennas are installed in a vehicle or supply room along with a status light and optional motion sensors. On a vehicle, this allows asset monitoring and immediate crew alerts when something is missing or left on scene. The same reader can also track inventory kits and verify cabinet seals to speed up the inventory and inspection process.

Mobile RFID readers are the most flexible tool for periodic supply room inventory and asset verification. Inventory management is simplified by the ability to take full or partial counts of stocked items, identify expiring supplies and get accurate reorder information within minutes. Assets are verified instantly by scanning a supply room or vehicle where assets need to be checked. The RFID reader locates available tagged assets and identifies any that are missing.

Custom inventory tags are easily printed as part of the inventory receiving process. Scanning the supply room with the RFID reader provides an accurate account of available items including lot number and expiration dates. This results in less human error and a better use of staff time as crews no longer touch the same items continually to verify quantity and expiration dates manually.

Quickly convert your main narcotics safe into a RFID narcotics safe. Perform safe audits in seconds with RFID narcotics safe monitoring and alert the crew when the control numbers in the safe are not as expected to ensure accuracy and maximize control. If refrigeration is needed, a custom built RFID refrigerator is available which includes proximity badge access and real-time status monitoring.

EMS Technology Solutions offers cutting edge, affordable operations management software and products designed with First Responders in mind. Operative IQ Operations Management Software offers modules that include: Inventory Management & Asset Management, Integrated Purchasing, Fleet Maintenance, Service Desk Ticketing System and RFID Tracking. EMS Technology Solutions has won four consecutive EMS World Top Innovation Awards for its operations management software

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