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OrCam Technologies Launches First-Ever Digital AI Assistive Reading Device

Handheld OrCam Read, for people with mild to moderate low vision and reading difficulties, to be demonstrated at CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

Anaheim, CA /PRNewswire/ - OrCam Technologies, a leader in personal, AI-driven innovations, will officially launch its newest assistive technology device, the handheld OrCam Read, at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, taking place March 9-13 in Anaheim, California. Personal demonstrations of the device will be provided at Booth 1103 in the Grand Ballroom.

OrCam Read brings a novel approach to reading assistance. The first-of-its-kind handheld reader is meticulously designed for people with reading difficulties stemming from mild to moderate vision impairment, reading fatigue, dyslexia, aphasia, and other conditions, as well as for those who read large volumes of text, empowering them with real-time responsiveness. Leveraging OrCam's breakthrough AI computer vision technology, the personal AI reader seamlessly – and instantly – captures and reads aloud in real time, from any printed surface or digital screen.

"We extended our personal AI offerings to include OrCam Read, a new form factor which is a lightweight, handheld device that intuitively empowers people who have reading difficulties. The device brings back the joy of reading, as it instantly reads aloud full pages or screens of text," explained Dr. Yonatan Wexler, OrCam Executive Vice President of Research & Development. "It can be challenging for a wide range of people who need reading support for work, academics, or for simply delighting in the pleasure of it. Using the computer vision technology that OrCam pioneered creates an enjoyable reading experience. This ability to instantly hear text relieves the burden of reading and enables focusing on the content with ease."

OrCam Read's proprietary AI algorithms enable intuitive point-and-click operation activating two precision laser guidance options, to read the entire highlighted text or target where to begin reading. The wireless device provides instant audio playback, communicating text from newspapers, books, computer and smartphone screens, product labels and other surfaces.

"People with mild to moderate vision still retain some functional vision," said Dr. Bryan Wolynski, leading optometrist and consultant to OrCam. "For these people, OrCam Read offers a new opportunity for increased independence through access to text, in any setting, at any time."

OrCam Read's AI operation is processed entirely offline, without requiring an internet connection, resulting in real-time audio communication while ensuring data privacy. The size of a pen, the device is 44.5 grams, and fits comfortably in users' hands with dimensions of 12.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.3 cm. OrCam Read is outfitted with a modified 13-megapixel smart camera, and is both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing users to connect the device to wireless headphones for private reading, and for periodic software updates. A high-intensity LED light automatically illuminates reading in low light conditions.

OrCam Technologies has become known for its breakthrough innovations in assistive technology platforms. The company remains focused on continuous research and development to help users maximize their potential with personal AI assistance that provides new access to the world.

A newly-developed natural language processing (NLP) "interactive reading" feature will be released (by Wi-Fi update) on OrCam Read in the coming months. Beginning with English-speaking regions and subsequently available in additional languages, the AI-driven feature enables the user to read only text of interest via voice commands such as "read headlines", "read phone numbers", or "find" a specific word.

OrCam was recently recognized by The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for a new assistive technology device (under development) for those with hearing impairment, awarding the AI-powered hearing aid companion a CES 2020 Innovation Awards "Best of Innovation." The company's flagship OrCam MyEye 2 device for people who are blind or visually impaired was chosen as a 2019 TIME Best Invention, and was a Last Gadget Standing winner at CES 2018.

For a personal demonstration of OrCam's technologies at CSUN, March 9-13, including the newly-launched OrCam Read and the flagship OrCam MyEye 2, please contact:

Lena Lee |

+1 201-566-0121 | +1-800-713-3741 x106

OrCam @ CSUN 2020: Booth #1103 | Grand Ballroom | Anaheim Marriott

About OrCam Technologies
OrCam Technologies, a leader in personal, wearable AI assistive technology platforms, was jointly founded in 2010 by Israeli innovators Prof. Amnon Shashua and Mr. Ziv Aviram, who are also the Co-founders of Mobileye (an Intel company), the collision avoidance system leader and autonomous driving innovator. Inspired by the development of ground-breaking artificial vision technology that supports safer driving, OrCam harnesses AI-driven computer vision to provide increased independence to people who are blind or visually impaired, hearing impaired, have reading difficulties, and for other populations. The company's flagship OrCam MyEye 2 assistive technology device was named to the TIME Best Inventions of 2019 list.

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