News | June 17, 2024

Pinpoint Labs Launches CrossCopy Enterprise To Revolutionize Ediscovery And Forensic Data Collection

The new web-based SaaS cross-platform application enhances data collection efficiency and security across various operating systems.

Pinpoint Labs, a leading provider of forensic software and litigation support solutions, has announced the release of CrossCopy Enterprise, an advanced cross-platform application designed to streamline the eDiscovery and forensic data collection processes for legal and forensic professionals. This innovative tool enhances data collection efficiency across various operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

CrossCopy Enterprise introduces various advanced features to address the complexities of eDiscovery and forensic data collection. Notable among these is its ability to operate seamlessly across multiple platforms, reducing the need for diverse tools and minimizing the user learning curve. The application's comprehensive capabilities include automated collections via email or SMS, secure uploads from local and cloud storage, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive chain of custody reports.

"Our goal with CrossCopy Enterprise was to create a versatile, user-friendly tool that meets the high standards of data integrity and security essential in eDiscovery and forensic data collection," stated James Beasley, Chief Technology Officer of Pinpoint Labs. "CrossCopy Enterprise features detailed user tracking, allowing us to track each user by activity, including custodians. We can produce logs and reports by user, user type, or time range, ensuring tracking of all activity from logging in to viewing projects to producing reports. We designed this system with compliance and accountability in mind."

CrossCopy Enterprise is designed with robust security measures to ensure the integrity of the data collected. "With support for GDPR compliance and advanced security protocols, CrossCopy Enterprise safeguards data integrity and ensures legal compliance throughout the collection process," added Jon Rowe, CEO of Pinpoint Labs.

CrossCopy Enterprise integrates support for various cloud platforms, including OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. It also supports file uploads to clients' AWS Buckets or Azure Containers, ensuring data sovereignty and compliance. This integration allows legal and forensic professionals to manage and store data securely across multiple environments.

Developed in response to feedback from forensic investigators and legal IT professionals, CrossCopy Enterprise addresses common challenges in forensic data collection. "Our clients have long expressed the need for a singular, efficient tool capable of handling diverse operating environments," added Rowe. "CrossCopy Enterprise meets this need by offering a solution that is not only powerful but also easy to deploy and manage."

Looking ahead, Pinpoint Labs plans to introduce additional features and updates to CrossCopy Enterprise and new solutions to its suite of forensic collection tools, ensuring it remains at the forefront of eDiscovery and forensic data collection technology.

Source: Pinpoint Labs