News | September 12, 2019

3PL Central Releases SmartScan A Mobile Barcode Scanning Solution

New mobile Solution is Supported by Android Operating Systems.

Plymouth, MN (PRWEB) - 3PL Central, the leader in cloud-based warehouse management systems (WMS), and Emkat’s trusted partner for over a decade, announced August 13th the release of SmartScan, a completely new mobile scanning application that directly integrates with 3PL Warehouse Manager™. SmartScan, along with the barcode scanning solutions offered by Emkat, allow warehouses to move away from manual, error-prone paper-based processes to increase accuracy and efficiency by offering a handsfree and paperless experience for warehouse staff.

In the fast-changing world of third-party logistics, warehouses can no longer rely on data that is even 5 minutes old. The efficiency and productivity of the warehouse requires instant and reliable data. This data can only be produced by the application of mobile barcode scanners and WMS integrated scanning solutions like SmartScan. SmartScan builds on the momentum of the recently announced 3PL Intelligence Initiative to deliver optimized omnichannel fulfillment for 3PLs and their customers. The mobile application dynamically delivers data to operators so they can seamlessly react to changing priorities and measure warehouse and employee performance in real-time. SmartScan and Emkat work together to create a seamless workflow that will increase productivity, decrease errors, and provide instant data to ensure 3PL warehouses will not only keep existing customers but gain new long-term loyal customers. Our partnership ensures warehouses receive the best customer experience and have a world class automated warehouse.

Consumers demands and a shortage in labor are forcing change in the warehouse industry today. In order to stay competitive in today’s market, third party logistics companies need to adapt to the changes that are occurring around them. Consumers expect a larger variety of product choices, to have real-time visibility, and to have shorter lead times and faster delivery. Combined with the shortage of labor in the warehouse, floor managers are expected to do much more with much less. 3PL Central’s SmartScan mobile barcode scanning app and Emkat’s scanning solutions are the easiest and most efficient way to rise to the demands of the modern warehouse. Over the past decade, Emkat has worked with hundreds of warehouses to implement thousands of rugged mobile scanners with cloud-based warehouse management systems. Witnessing firsthand the satisfaction of warehouse floor managers after observing decreased errors, increased efficiency and up to the minute inventory.

“We’re very excited about our continued partnership with 3PL Central,” said Eric Lindberg with Emkat. “By using 3PL Central’s SmartScan mobile app and Emkat’s scanning devices, our customers have already seen improved results and have been able to reduce duplicate tasks and manual entry by 50% per warehouse worker. It’s been impressive to see the amount of time saved by warehouse employees.”

As many warehouse operators may know, Microsoft has announced that they will be ending their support of Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems by the year 2021. With this change, there has been a major shift to the Android platform which Emkat anticipated and has developed an upgrade path for warehouses using MC9200 Premium as well as supporting purpose-built and consumer-grade devices. Emkat is dedicated to helping support third party logistics warehouses by providing the hardware required for streamlining processes to increase efficiency.

As the world’s most popular mobile OS, Android offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface along with many development tools and a global developer community that makes it much faster and easier to migrate applications and create new solutions. Since SmartScan is compatible with Android, moving forward third-party logistics warehouses will have access to all the latest technology, and a much larger array of hardware solutions including the Zebra MC9300 and the MC3300.

With the help of SmartScan and Emkat’s Scanning solutions you can expect to:

  • Remove your reliance on paper and Excel
  • Gain complete visibility into your operations
  • Drive best practices and build scalable workflows
  • Offer 100% order and data accuracy
  • Improve labor accountability and efficiency to measure employee performance
  • Be supported by industry leaders for years to come

The SmartScan product is available today to 3PL Central customers. Third-party warehouses looking to gain the visibly, accuracy, and efficiency of SmartScan should call 888-375-2368 or visit

Visit for a list of compatible devices.

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