News | July 27, 2017

ProStar Geocorp Announced Today It Has Completed The Integration Of Its PointMan Mobile Solution With EchoRFID's PIPETALKER

ProStar Geocorp announced today that it has integrated its mobile platform, PointMan® with EchoRFID’s Pipetalker™, a menu-driven software tool that uses patented processes to track and trace materials and assets by reading radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.

Grand Junction, CO (PRWEB)  ProStar Geocorp announced today that it has integrated its mobile platform, PointMan® with EchoRFID’s Pipetalker™, a menu-driven software tool that uses patented processes to track and trace materials and assets by reading radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. PointMan is specifically designed to collect precision location points and pedigreed 'metadata' associated to those points, including forms, photos and sketches. The PIPETALKER system incorporates RFID, highly accurate GPS and other data for compliance with PHMSA’s Pipeline Integrity Management requirements.

Page Tucker CEO of ProStar stated, “PointMan’s integration with PIPETALKER will significantly improve material and construction documentation and provide instantaneously retrievable information from an easily searchable and secure database.”

EchoRFID devoted years of research before selecting the Technology Solutions Limited handheld RFID reader and the BlueStarGPS receivers to read and write to RFID tags and provide highly accurate GPS information that completes the PIPETALKER system.  The completion of the integration promises to enhance safety practices by providing up-to-the-minute documentation of asset origin, material specification, condition, installed location and history. This enables transparency and will satisfy existing track and trace requirements and future compliance standards.  For EchoRFID, this marks the completion of phase one development which includes the capture of data for material management, construction management and pipeline integrity.

“With this new ability to accurately track, trace and verify material right from the manufacturing plant and record value-added tasks of employees and contractors, PointMan enhanced with PIPETALKER will show great cost benefits, significant return on investment and lower risk while maintaining full PHMSA and DOT compliance," says EchoRFID’s founder, Layne Tucker.

Jim Anspach, President of ASCE’s Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute, states, “Documentation on underground location and associated pipe metadata and attributes that are instantaneously retrievable by correlation to where a person is standing in the field, or geo-fencing in the office on a computer screen, and verifiable through an RFID reader and associated database, is a highly efficient way to approach pipeline integrity management requirements.”

About ProStar   
ProStar developed Transparent Earth®, a natively Cloud and Mobile solution offered as Software as a Service. Transparent Earth is designed to improve asset management business practices by providing unprecedented geospatial intelligence and transparency. Transparent Earth enables real-time access to critical information where and when it is most needed whether in the office or out in the field. With Transparent Earth, companies can now streamline operations, reduce costs, monitor workflow processes, measure productivity and make more informed business decisions with a higher degree of confidence.

About EchoRFID 
EchoRFID™ has successfully developed PIPETALKER™, a system that will revolutionize how materials are tracked and traced, how construction documentation is retained and how integrity management will be conducted in the future, all to provide significant value to pipeline owners and operators. EchoRFID is a Colorado Limited Liability Corporation with the head office located in Grand Junction, Colorado. EchoRFID is focused on creating innovative solutions to address the many problems facing industry in the areas of material management, construction management, and integrity management.


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