R402™ Smart Label Printer/Encoder

R402™ Smart Label Printer/Encoder
RFID is a great way to track items. New, compact R402™ from Zebra is a versatile and affordable printing/RFID encoding solution for smaller spaces (countertops in plants, pharmacies, libraries, video stores, you name it!) and smaller smart labels—including wristbands for event access control and cashless payment. Print text, graphics, bar codes—plus encode/verify smart labels—with one easy solution!
Space-Saving R402™ Smart Label Printer/Encoder

Zebra's innovative R402 can read, write, and print labels carrying embedded ultra-thin RFID transponders. Transponders contain integrated circuits that can be read, programmed, and reprogrammed using non-contact radio waves. This revolutionary technology enables you to change and update data repeatedly throughout the life of the RFID smart label. Because RFID technology uses radio waves, smart labels can be read through dirt, paint, and many non-metallic objects. RFID smart labels feature anti-collision technology, which lets you scan and identify several objects simultaneously, such as totes of supplies.

The R402 is ideal for warehouse/logistics, express parcel delivery, airline baggage tracking, returnable plastic containers/pallets, library book/video check-out, sensitive document tracking, supply chain management (source tagging), ticketing (sports, concerts, ski lifts, etc.), anti-counterfeiting, and pharmaceuticals.
  • First and only compact desktop-size RFID printing solution available
  • Combines RFID technology with proven benefits of Zebra desktop printers
  • Supports wide range of RFID transponders: ISO 15693, Texas Instruments Tag-It™, Philips I•Code™, Inside Technologies PicoTag®
  • Programmable position for transponder encoding—provides new flexibility in where you place the tag within the smart label
  • Write and verify function
  • Compact size
  • Rugged construction
  • Ease of use
  • Affordable price
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  • Competitive product warranty: 12 months on labor and parts, and 6-month printhead warranty