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Rufus Labs Partners With Ivanti To Improve Productivity And Provide A Path To Modernization Via Integrated Applications And Wearables

Warehouses can modernize their legacy systems and devices to Rufus Labs' Android wearables using Ivanti Velocity Platform

Los Angeles, CA /PRNewswire/ - Rufus Labs, makers of intelligent wearable warehouse technology and workforce analytics software, today announced a strategic partnership with Ivanti Wavelink, the supply chain division of Ivanti. The combined solution allows for easy integration of Telnet and browser-based applications to communicate and deliver crucial information to and from Rufus Android wearables using Ivanti Velocity software and take advantage of Rufus' no-cost hardware refreshes to stay ahead of the technology curve. The first organization benefiting from this partnership includes J. Jill, an American fashion retailer of women's clothing and accessories, utilizing Rufus WorkHero and Ivanti Velocity Platform to enhance worker productivity and modernize their warehouse operations.

With 60% of warehouses still using legacy technology while trying to keep pace with growing consumer demands, this partnership allows for a seamless upgrade without completely replacing existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management System (WMS), thus improving productivity and efficiency nearly instantly. With the workforce crisis still creating challenges to fill jobs across the country, this partnership will further aid in keeping up with demand while not overworking employees, especially on short-staffed teams.

"At Rufus, we're passionate about working with companies that further aid in our overall goal of creating efficient work environments," said chief executive officer and founder of Rufus Labs, Gabe Grifoni. "Our partnership with Ivanti Wavelink is completely in line with that goal, and we're excited to offer customers a more streamlined integration to already existing Telnet and Web Apps that give our wearable devices even more functionality and integration."

Rufus WorkHero is the only subscription model wearable technology platform certified for Ivanti Velocity and Ivanti Speakeasy products. Rufus Labs is now a certified gold partner and reseller of Ivanti Velocity solutions. In a recent implementation of the combined solution of Rufus WorkHero and Ivanti Velocity, a Fortune 500 Dental Device Manufacturer improved pick speed by 42 percent, saving an estimated $900,000 in direct labor costs.

"Our Velocity platform was created with operational excellence in mind and purpose-built for the task workers performing in business-critical environments. Velocity, the Enterprise Mobile Application platform, not only allows migration and modernization, but also offers workflow automation and integrates seamlessly with existing host and web-based applications," said Brandon Black, vice president and general manager of the Ivanti supply chain business unit. "This partnership will aid in streamlining supply chain and warehouse operations, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Rufus Labs."

Ivanti Velocity works with Android, iOS and Windows 10 Operating Systems. It connects to Telnet hosts (including IBM 5250/3270 and VT100/220), web apps, SAP EWM and Oracle SIM hosts. For Telnet and Oracle SIM hosts, it can present applications to users in a modern touch interface, either with automatic, predictive reformatting or with a customized experience. The Velocity Console is an application installed on a desktop or laptop, and is used to configure the Velocity Client. Create host profiles for different host types, import screens and edit how they appear, and set up speech-to-text or text-to-speech using Ivanti Speakeasy.

Rufus Labs' WorkHero is a complete Productivity-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that includes workforce analytics and labor management software, rugged wearable technology, and superhuman support. Wearable computers and barcode scanners offer real-time scanning metrics, scan and non-scan labor task management, and workforce data to continually improve warehouse operations. Rufus Labs' customers always receive the latest software and hardware as a part of the subscription offering, which increases warehouse productivity, safety, and accuracy, all while reducing labor costs and providing unprecedented labor visibility.

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About Rufus Labs
Rufus Labs produces intelligent wearable warehouse technology and workforce analytics software. The company's flagship productivity-as-a-service platform, Rufus WorkHero, combines Rufus Labs industrial wearables and cloud enterprise software to bring the most advanced productivity suite to the supply chain workforce. Rufus Labs is the only company to offer wearable tech and workforce analytics software on a subscription basis, ensuring that Rufus customers are equipped with the latest technology that increases warehouse productivity, safety, and accuracy, at no additional cost. Rufus Labs was founded in 2016 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more visit

About Ivanti Wavelink
Ivanti Wavelink software enables organizations to leverage modern mobile technology in the warehouse and across the supply chain to improve productivity, picking accuracy, and reduce risks without modifying backend IT systems. It's been deployed with 40,000+ customers on over 5 million devices. Ivanti Wavelink is part of Ivanti, which automates IT and Security Operations to discover, manage, secure and service device from cloud to the edge. Ivanti is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and has offices all over the world. For more information, visit and follow @GoIvanti.

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