News | January 5, 2011

Rugged Notebooks Announces Ruggedized Tablet PC For Healthcare Professionals

Rugged Notebooks, a leading provider of ruggedized portable computers and handheld devices for over 10 years, recently announced its MedTab ruggedized tablet PC for healthcare professionals, including hospital and clinical staff as well as emergency medical services (EMS) personnel.

Starting at $2,549, the MedTab's fully ruggedized features include drop/shock/spill protection tested to meet U.S. military 810F and 810G standards. The tablet PC features four large rubber "bumpers" fastened to the corners of the unit to protect the LCD screen. It also has an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, providing protection from other liquids common in medical environments such as blood, sterile alcohol, bleach, iodine and more.

The MedTab is further protected by a ventless, full magnesium alloy case, sealed ports and connectors, and shock-mounted removable hard disk drive. The LCD screen is dual touch, meaning the computer can be operated by either the touch of a finger or stylus pen. The pen feature can be used to capture a legal signature from a patient.

The unit comes with a transflective screen that enables users to easily view the display in bright sunlight. This durable tablet includes easy mounting capability for emergency vehicles.

"A reliable, working computer can be as important to saving lives as medical equipment and medicine during a health emergency," said Alan Shad, president of Rugged Notebooks. "The MedTab is available with all these important features and our premier customer support at a price to meet today's tight budgets."

The 4.1-pound fully-rugged tablet comes standard with a 500-nit sunlight-readable 10.4-inch WSVGA (1024x600) display with dual touch and digitizer functionality. The Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor provides speed and low power consumption while the 250GB hard drive is shock mounted with the option of a solid state drive and up to 2GB of RAM. The unit offers a full complement of input/outputs: RS-232, 2x USB, mini-USB, docking port, PCMCIA, RJ-45 (Gig), and 15-pin VGA for connection to an external monitor. The docking station port replication includes 4x USB, RJ-45, 9-pin serial, 15-pin VGA and multi-port including power.

SOURCE: Rugged Notebooks