News | March 5, 2024

TaylorMade Golf Reduces Label Files & Increases Labeling Accuracy With TEKLYNX

TEKLYNX label design and print automation solutions bring labeling process control and customization to a leading manufacturer of high-performance golf equipment.

Milwaukee, WI /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - TEKLYNX International, known globally for helping companies barcode better with their labeling software and industry-leading customer support, today released a case study highlighting how their label design and print automation solutions, CODESOFT and SENTINEL, helped TaylorMade Golf replace label files with smart label templates and increase labeling accuracy to 99%.

Download the case study to read the full TEKLYNX customer success story.

Previously, software limitations and lack of flexibility caused inefficiencies, duplicate labels, and wasted label stock—between 25% and 50% of all label stock used was wasted. Plus, their previous label design solution was limited to linear barcodes and didn't support necessary barcode types—including GS1 and 2D barcodes. Their estimated labeling accuracy was 85%, leaving room for improvement.

After implementing CODESOFT and SENTINEL, TaylorMade:

  • Increased labeling accuracy from 85% to 99%
  • Reduced the number of label files with templates
  • Reduced total equipment costs by 50%
  • Improved customer satisfaction and service levels by 50%

TaylorMade wanted greater control and customization of their labeling process. Choosing CODESOFT and SENTINEL allowed them to do just that. TaylorMade currently has five installations of SENTINEL around the world and the ability to print to unlimited printers across their entire enterprise.

"With our innovative solutions, TEKLYNX has empowered TaylorMade to manage their labeling processes internally, resulting in more flexibility, minimized costs, and reduced dependence on external providers," said Doug Niemeyer, President and General Manager at TEKLYNX Americas. "The improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction solidify TEKLYNX as a valuable partner in TaylorMade's ongoing business success and we look forward to what's next."

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