News | September 1, 2021

TechVedika Announces The Release Of WARETRAC; A Smart Warehouse Inventory Tracking Tool

Provides Complete Visibility & Dynamic Tracking of Inventory, Reduces Human Errors using the Power of AI Vision

Philadelphia, PA /PRNewswire/ - TechVedika, Inc., a next-generation technology company, announces the release of WARETRAC™.

WARETRAC is a smart tool designed for high-velocity 3PL, fulfillment centers and cross-dock facilities to improve speed and productivity. WARETRAC provides Complete Visibility and Dynamic Tracking of Inventory, Warehouse Spaces and Resources using advance AI technology and reduces manual tasks, human errors and related costs. WARETRAC is available in mobile and web app formats.

A significant amount of perishable goods is wasted every year due to poor inventory management. The labor costs are rising and are taking 65% of a warehouse's operating budget. Importantly, non-optimized walk/travel time comprises up to 50% of these labor costs, while human error remains the #1 cause of order fulfillment problems.

WARETRAC leverages existing surveillance cameras in the warehouse to track carts and pallets to capture their storage location in the staging and put-away areas. It provides an innovative AR and Live Video Stream enabled Floor Map to assist warehouse teams. WARETRAC real-time visibility helps in efficient pallet tracking and FIFO pickup and reduces manual labor and errors.

WARETRAC provides GS1 compliant barcode scanning and can read the text and other info right off the carton. This offers warehouse teams an easy way to manage exceptions, e.g., unrecognized or missing barcodes and damaged items. It also helps identify special storage requirements and handling quarantine items efficiently. WARETRAC easily integrates with many existing WMS or ERP systems via APIs.

"We are thrilled that our team has designed an innovative, powerful, flexible and cost-effective solution to help our clients improve efficiency and profitability," said Sai Sangineni, CEO, TechVedika. "We are excited to offer AI and Computer Vision solutions for Warehouse Automation to complement existing WMS functionality to improve operations," said Raj Sattaluri, CTO, TechVedika.

About TechVedika
TechVedika, Inc. is an advanced technology company. We help organizations maximize operational efficiencies, drive growth and profitability. Our TechVision+ Platform utilizes the power of AI/ML, Intelligent Vision and IoT to create practical, cost-effective solutions to address day-to-day operational inefficiencies and challenges. WARETRAC is our new product serving the critical needs of 3PL logistics companies, high-velocity fulfillment centers and cross dock facilities.

Source: TechVedika, Inc.

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