Guest Column | May 6, 2019

Test Management Tools To Beat 5 Major Problems In Software Development

By Ray Parker

Making The Move To Agile Software Development

Developers understand that software testing is more than just a single approach to determine that an application is sound and works the way it is expected to. The main purpose of software testing is to ensure that all functions of software run efficiently. Software testers use different approaches and techniques to test ensuring the release of quality software.  QA teams come across different challenges when talking about software testing solutions. Managers ensure that teams carry out constant bug reporting and testing to get the expected results and meet client requirements. They also ensure that development teams use comprehensive test management tools.

How can test management tools beat five key problems in the software development process?

QA experts work diligently through the software development process to launch top-notch quality products within the speculated time span. Following are the major five areas where test management tools can assist QA teams:

Bug Reporting Rate:

According to an IT expert, Donald Firesmith, on an average, there are seven bugs per thousand lines of code. It is tricky to state that test management software reduces the number of bugs appearing during the process. However, efficient test management tools can enhance all the QA testing efforts and make the most out of these tools. For instance, developers can decide to divide manual and automated testing to make the process more effective and report a maximum number of bugs in test cases.

Pitfalls in Communication

Challenges in software development have increased at a high rate within the past decade. Software testing companies try to fill in the communication gaps that exist between software QA and developers. This is where they utilize test case management systems that allow streamlining of all communication through all hierarchy levels. It makes communication between teams easier, and team leads can keep all the other resources in the loop too.

Team Work

If companies outsource testing then testers and developers may have to shift to different countries different geographical boundaries. This means that they cannot detect and rectify test case problems unless they have a proper communication channel. Test case management is a solution that provides solutions for any outsourced or independent software development firm. Team members cannot blame when they are not receiving bugs as all updates are embedded in the system.

Budget Constraints

Managers and executives often find it easy to cut costs down by the that the QA teams have. In such cases, managers use a real-time integrated system for reporting bugs and their management. This assists tester in reducing the number of bugs and in meeting client requirements.

Release Schedules

Due to technological advancements, software companies release products on a weekly basis. This puts a lot of pressure on QA teams and other experts, making it difficult to maintain quality. Test management systems allow teams to know the progress of each application and as a result, release software in time.

So, we can conclude that software testing experts come through different challenges that can be resolved with the help of test management tools. Bug reporting allows critical insights into how bugs appear, and what solutions teams should provide to overcome these problems.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is a senior marketing consultant with a knack for writing about latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development and travel. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, ray now dabbles out of his New York office.