News | November 2, 2020

TOOTECH Launches Laser Label Printer 'TTE-72FX'

Seoul, South Korea /PRNewswire/ - TOOTECH (CEO Nam Eui-jo, a manufacturer of barcode label and label printer equipment, introduced its new laser label printer 'TTE-72FX', which uses lasers to print barcode labels. This new model is expected to expand the supply of the products and popularize laser label printers that are applied with their own technology. It is also creating the new market for the laser label printers.

The key technology of TOOTECH's printer is that it prints the label on the middle layer by shooting lasers on the label directly. Unlike other label printers, It is an eco-friendly laser label printer that does not require consumables such as ribbons and heads. Hence, not using ribbons saves costs and reduces industrial wastes by preventing the generation of PET wastes associated with the part.

As it does not need a separate ribbon, the risk of information breach from the data left on the ribbon is reduced. The low risk of faulty printing from not using ribbons and heads is another strength.

Moreover, the label printed by the laser on the inner layer of the label is not erased by substances such as alcohol or friction. This technology is patented in Korea, the US, Japan, China, and the EU (France, Germany, England, Italy, Netherlands, and Belgium). The printer boasts 2000 dpi, which is third times higher than the conventional ink-based label printer.

Based on this technology, the printer is already widely being used in various institutions and corporations such as colleges, accounting software companies, and large corporations in electronics.

"Since our foundation in 2003, we have introduced new models that reflect the client's needs through field application, test, and research and development. Since switching to a corporate company in 2014, sales have increased by 15% every year, and we aim to increase both production rate and revenue through this new model with affordable pricing this year," said Mr. Nam (CEO of TOOTECH).

TOOTECH will participate in the K-PRINT 2020 exhibition from 12th (Thursday) to 15th (Sunday) November to showcase the laser label printer 'TTE-72FX' and the small model 'TTE-72FK'.

Source: TOOTECH Co., Ltd.

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