News | September 23, 2021

WebSocket Integration Boosts Connectivity Of ProGlove Gateway

New Capabilities Facilitate Access To Backend Systems

Chicago, IL and Munich /PRNewswire/ - ProGlove, the leader in ergonomic wearables for industry, significantly boosts the ProGlove Gateway. The easy-to-use access and connectivity solution now comes with a powerful WebSocket integration. This allows operators to effortlessly access backend systems. Additionally, it removes the need for a host device such as a desktop computer. Instead, shop floor workers can now seamlessly exchange data with enterprise applications such as WMS or ERP systems. The WebSocket integration comes free of charge with the latest firmware update and is available as of now.

The ProGlove Gateway is an easy way for organizations to allow for connectivity on the shop floor. It enables access to the corporate network via its Wi-Fi capabilities. Up to five wearable scanners can log onto one Gateway. The operators only need to scan the barcode on its back. This easy pairing process utilizes the BLE capabilities of the ProGlove devices.

The ProGlove connectivity solutions
ProGlove offers a full stack of access and connectivity solutions for all major operating systems. Besides the Gateway for Windows and Linux, ProGlove also provides the Insight Mobile App for Android and additional SDKs for Android and iOS. Additionally, ProGlove provides means to allow for easy pairing via HID BLE. More information about ProGlove's connectivity products is available at:

"We go beyond barcode scanning"
"What sets as apart from competitors is that we go beyond barcode scanning to tell the true story of the shop floor," says Ilhan Kolko, Chief Product Officer for ProGlove. "The WebSocket integration for our Gateway is yet another great example for that. Easy shopfloor access and connectivity are a major concern for many organizations. Because both play an instrumental role to tap into major efficiency gains. Not only do they allow for smoother, more resilient processes, but they also accelerate the transfer of critical information. This includes data to recognize patterns, blockers, outliers, hotspots and so much more. In the sense, the Gateway is a corner stone in our strategy."

About ProGlove
ProGlove builds the smallest, lightest, and toughest barcode scanners in the world, connecting workers to the Internet of Things. This promotes human-machine collaboration and drives the digitization of the shop floor. More than 500 renowned organizations in manufacturing, production, logistics, and retail use these smarter workforce solutions.

ProGlove was founded in December 2014 after winning the Intel "Make it Wearable" Challenge and is backed by growth-focused investors Summit Partners, DICP Deutsche Invest Capital Partners, and Bayern Capital. The company employs 200 people from over 30 countries with offices in Chicago, Munich (Germany), and Belgrade (Serbia). The World Economic Forum named ProGlove a Technology Pioneer in 2020. More information is available at

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