Feature Articles

  1. Operating System Strategy For Mobile Computers

    This paper will discuss the major operating system environments for mobile computers and Intermec’s strategy to serve customer needs with each. The scope of this discussion is limited to operating systems used on handheld computers and does not address strategy for larger form factor devices such as Vehicle Mount computers. This paper is intended as an introduction and overview to the various technologies discussed; many online resources are available for further technical information.

  2. Is Your GPS Idle Time Data Accurate?

    It's a well-known fact that idling a vehicle reduces fuel efficiency and increases costs. An idling vehicle gets 0 miles per gallon, which reduces overall MPG for the fleet. And the cost of fuel has increased more than 200% over the past five years.

  3. Advantages Of Rugged Devices For The Manufacturing Workplace

    Randy Helm of Motorola Solutions lists three key factors manufacturers must consider when deciding between rugged or consumer devices for their workers.

  4. How Live GPS Tracking Keeps Plumbing Customers Honest?

    When customers dispute your charges, profits, like the clogs you often clear, can disappear down the drain. One way to protect yourself and your bottom line against billing challenges, mistakes and fraud is with live GPS tracking.

  5. Saving Money By Adopting Field Service Automation

    Whether they are on a tight budget or are operating with some room to spend, all companies want to find ways to save money that make sense. For businesses with technicians who work multiple jobs every day, field service automation could be a great way to save dollars over the years. TechTarget's Denis Pombriant wrote that with an automation tool in place, data can be more easily collected, customers can be better understood and organizations can figure out where they may be losing money or lacking efficiency.

  6. Where Rich Data Becomes Real Intelligence Best Practices For Driving ROI On Your Trailer Tracking System

    Seeing your trailers’ location is good. Seeing a rapid return on your trailer tracking investment is even better. Solutions that provide instant access to an unprecedented level of real-time trailer intelligence, giving operations managers and dispatchers complete visibility into their fleet — that’s what we define as rich data.

  7. Improve Customer Satisfaction And Reduce Shrink

    Most people don’t realize how many choices there are when it comes to designing a label or tag. Even the simplest of features can be cost-effective and can make a big impact in improving the overall retail store environment from back-office to customer experience. This white paper focuses on several features that can reduce shrink and improve customer satisfaction.


  8. Transforming Service Into A Revenue Machine

    Service, as a concept within the enterprise, has evolved over the past decade. What was once considered strictly a cost center—something provided to customers at-cost to maintain relationships—has become an important revenue source in many industries. That this transition has occurred during a time of increasing economic volatility is no accident.

  9. The XYZ’s Of BYOD

    Everyone knows the ABCs of BYOD – but it’s the details that matter.

  10. Empowering A Mobile Workforce

    Overland Solutions, Inc. (OSI), a leading provider of premium audits, loss control, and inspection services to Property & Casualty insurance companies throughout North America, leveraged mobile computing to dramatically increase the quality and consistency of the information they collected from clients.